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Each of these sources are frequently updated. Keep yourself informed on the day-to-day struggles of wolves, other wildlife, and the environment. (x-posted)

Timberwolf Information Network. Wolves in the News.

Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News. This is another excellent source for keeping up to date on wolf issues. As it is a blog, there is a comment section accompanying each post. There are some big name players in the environmental community who comment. There is also the opposition. Mostly intelligent discussion.

Ralph is also the President of the Wolf Recovery Foundation. Founded in 1986 as a nonprofit 501.C.3 tax deductible organization, the Wolf Recovery Foundation was the first organization in Idaho completely dedicated to the restoration of wolves in the Rockies. His old blog contains ten years worth of wolf news! He keeps it as an archive. Learn the history of the Yellowstone wolves and others, here.

Sinapu's blog 'Wild Again!!' is another fine source for keeping up to date on wildlife conservation in the American West, with a focus on large carnivores. Comments enabled.

If you know of others who would like to keep a watchful eye on the wilderness, and aren't aware of these caches of information, please share these with them. Or if you know of some lively caches of your own, do leave a comment! Thank you.
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Wolf hunting tour in Mongolia

I'd originally wanted to go to Mongolia for their horse-riding tours, but instead, I found this:

Wolf hunting tours.

I'm more than enraged by this, but being so far away (am in Singapore), I'm not sure what I can do to even try to stop this kind of tours, or this kind of practice.

Can anyone help? Or suggest something?

I don't think for a moment it's going to be easy. But I don't think I can just find out about this and do nothing...

a lone wolf

Hello. * crosses his right arm over his chest and bows* I am Green. I am just now coming out into the furry world. so i am new to this page to. I am a lone wolf. I just wish to stop in and say Hello to all. I dont have any friends in where i have moved to. I just moves here to Indiana so ones agin i am alone. i dont mind it at all. so i wish to find me a home where i can be me. thank you for your time one more. * bows his head and walks back out doors where the wind is blowing and his hair dancing in the air*
Me sleep

Maybe you're interested?

If there are any animal rights activists out there, or just people who are against cruelty to animals.. We need your help!

Only several hundred letters more are needed to stop the mass slaughter of wild wolves in Idaho.

President Bush overturned government power, and gave the control of the wolf population to the Department of Fish and Game. Now, they have proposed that three out of every 4 wolves will be killed in Clearwater National Forest's Lolo district.
We need your help - Send a message to the Department of Fish and Game and Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne! Urge them to reject this vicious and unneccesary plan today by going to this web-site:


Thanks for any support & help you can provide!
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