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I am obsessed with wolves! i have been since i was five! i love them… - ~*Wolfs Paradise*~

About I am obsessed with wolves! i have been since i was five! i love them…

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Date:May 13th, 2005 03:08 am (UTC)

If you like wolf RPG's, check out Celestial Forests...


You pad softly into this new land, stunned at the amount of beauty nature really could form. You lift your snout and feel like howling all day long. Have you finally found paradise? Something you have been searching for since... Forever! You don't utter a sound though, as you are quite afraid of being attacked if you are discovered. You trot around scenting everything, savoring the time spent here.

After a few minutes of wandering you become thirsty. You trot down a semi-steep embankment and as you dip your head down to give your parched throat some moisture, you hear something. You twitch your ears trying to locate the sound. You are not easily fooled, and you know it could easily be just a rabbit passing by. You hear a low growl erupt from the trees above. You freeze and rapidly press yourself towards the ground as best as you can as you were still on the slope. You do not want to be caught in the act of tresspassing. You know it could mean death. As you peer around with fear, another wolf appears in front of you. She is a redish white wolf, and at the position of her tail you could tell she was an alpha, and a proud one at that. She looks down at you and gives a small smile.

Hello stranger. I am Kilika, the Alpha of the Crystal Pack. We are one of the packs of the Celestial Forests, but the Crystal Pack is the main one. I do not enjoy you tresspassing, but some strangers do not respect boundaries. I do not mean you, but I am just saying... You are obviously a loner, and I shall let you join one of our packs, as long as you submit. If not you will be chased out and banished from our lands forever. I will not make you join, as you do not have to, but if you do, follow...

At these last words she swiftly wheels around and jumps into the brush. Her tone was not that of a hard one, but one of amusmant. She was not angry with you, and you are relieved at the thought. You do not care that she had silently laughed at you, as she did not attack, surprisingly enough. You then quickly get up deciding in that split second whether you should join or not. If you were to join you would have to chase after Kilika quite swiftly as she was almost out of sight, the tip of her tail still visible as it waved with the wind. If not, you would turn around with regret and get out of this paradise that you had just so happened to stumble upon... A once in a lifetime chance. It is up to you.

Enter... Be free and journey...
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